Newcastle’s First ‘Bookeeping HOT DESK’

text widget - hot deskHot desk with a difference!

Booksmart offers the answer to all your bookkeeping questions and location distractions by offering Newcastle’s first ‘Bookkeeping hot desk’.

Be welcomed into our bright and bubbly office space, have access to all our facilities and knowledge and best of all get your work done efficiently.

You will have access to the smart-y-pants team for all your bookkeeping questions to get you on your way and be able to manage your books with confidence.

The Hot Desk is available Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 5pm. Bookings can be made for one off hire or regular visits. Includes full access to kitchen facilities, internet, a duel screen monitor and all our bookkeepers in the office.

  • Do you have the basic knowledge to get your accounts completed , however have niggling questions about processing transactions and would like answers to your questions quickly and with no fuss?
  • Do you need your own desk away from the workplace and home to get your paperwork done?
  • Do you get continually interrupted when trying to complete paperwork in your work space or at home?
  • Do you have time to complete your accounts but procrastinate all day long at home in your pyjamas so your accounts take you twice as long to complete?
  • Do you all of a sudden have a pile of urgent house work to do when it comes time to complete your accounts?

If you answered YES to any of these questions… The Hot Desk is the solution for you. Come in and check it out!