Booksmart Guarantee

The Booksmart team value your business and their work, therefore to ensure our service to your business is of the highest standard we guarantee all of the following:

  • Timely responses to emails, calls or requests for assistance or information.
  • Take the required time to listen and understand you and your business to help you grow and reach your business or financial goals.
  • Continue to assess the needs of your business and present any relevant procedures or software changes that would increase the efficiency of your staff and processes.
  • Be professional and respect confidentiality within our business relationship.
  • Lodge all statutory requirements with government bodies prior to lodgement date.

  • Agree to a schedule of services that is customised to your operational needs.
  • Offer you a fixed fee agreement after an initial two month on-boarding period so you know your bookkeeping cost is a set amount for peace of mind.
  • Offer you a quote to complete services outside the scope of our agreed ongoing engagement. This will enable you to manage cash flow and know the costs upfront and not dread opening up an invoice email.