Outsource Bookkeepers or In-House Employee?

Team work includes outsourced specialists! In the start-up phase of a business, most business owners work on the business during the day and on the books at night. Over time as the business grows you find yourself getting behind in your book work but you may not have enough work to hire an in-house bookkeeper [...]

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Bookkeeper Extraordinaire

Who are we? Booksmart Accounting Solutions is a fast growing, forward thinking bookkeeping company with a focus on achieving optimal success for our clients using cloud-based technology. We take away the hassle of book work so they can work on their business instead of working in their business and make their dream a reality. The [...]

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Financial Goal Setting

Its now the second week of August so you should have finished July 2016 month end. Did you make a budget for the 2016/2017FY? How did you compare on your budget vs actuals and more importantly, what action are you going to take in August as a result of this information you have to make [...]

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Work Smarter NOT Harder!

Did you receive our Newsletter in your inbox?? Great info for all business owners, make sure you subscribe on our wesbite if you didnt...   Check out Alex's 10 step Bookkeeping Health Checklist. Are you being proficient in your business? If not you are worker harder and NOT smarter. Send us your answers and we [...]

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Xero Tips from our Smart-y-Pants Kristy!

Smart-y-Pants XERO Tips Its no secret that we love Xero. Here are the latest tools released to make your business processes top notch. Unscheduled Payrun: You can change the payment date for an unscheduled payrun by clicking the date on the top right hand side once in the payrun screen. No more date mix ups when reconciling! [...]

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Keep Track Of Your Employees? TSheets!!!!!

Introducing Booksmart as a T-Sheets PRO ! TSheets’ mobile time tracking will keep track of employees who work remotely or switch jobs or locations regularly. Using the devices they already have, your employees can track time quickly and easily. Employees clock in and out on their desktop, laptop or mobile phone – using the iPhone [...]

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