Cloud accounting is the best thing since sliced bread in the accounting world! It lets users be able to freely access their accounting information without the burden of being tied down to one computer or only getting a software upgrade yearly (and you generally have to do it yourself).

The power of cloud accounting gives you freedom to enjoy your life and take control of your bookwork instead of the historical bookwork taking over your home/office and weekend!

With a reputable company such as “Xero”; You can run your business accounts online and the details are always accessible from your PC, Mac, tablet or phone, allowing you to check and update your accounts from anywhere.

You have total control over who can access your financial data and your data is completely secure. No need to drop piles of paperwork to your financial advisor or accountant, all the information is online and ready for them once you have confirmed access.

Booksmart can help you further with cloud accounting. We recommend to consult an adviser to ensure that you achieve the optimal financial result for your business.

For more information, contact your accountant or financial advisor.

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