Energy. You either have it or you don’t. We’ve all been there working 12 hour days with family commitments running late into the night, wondering how we got here and you need help, then waking up 3, 6, 12 months later and wondering where the heck that time went!

I believe energy for an entire day can be created with 30 minutes of focus, or ‘me time’ in the morning. Everyone’s focus may be different, for me it is exercise. It gets my blood pumping and also sets up my day with a positive look at food. If I exercise in the morning before work I am 80% more likely to not eat junk food that day because I don’t want to ruin the work I put in that morning at the gym. Same goes for meditation. If you meditate for 30 min of a morning and set out in your mind of minds what tasks you want to complete today and how you choose to be in your mental state of being, then if someone wants to bring you down throughout the day you will too have the strength to say no to them (in your mind) and continue on your day with a powerful and strong mindset of which you set your mind to in the morning.

Its once you start building and strengthening these energy creating muscles that you will appreciate how much extra value you are getting into your day and how much extra action you can take to propel your life forward. Energy creates action.

The knowledge in itself that you are investing in yourself first thing of a morning which the majority of the population is not doing, gives me the mental edge to create action.