Cloud Accounting

Put simply, cloud technology is the way of the future, far more than just accounting.

Cloud based technology has taken the world by storm over the last five years and this combined with automation allows bookkeepers with the appropriate training, education and guidance to be able to be efficient and experts in this industry.

The bookkeeping industry is in the middle of a great evolution, being the ‘robot’ of automation. No longer do we to sit chained to our desks for hours on end, inundated with data entry and day long bank reconciliations. Beautiful accounting software has been developed with the end user in mind and with society becoming ‘too busy’ for simple, mundane and time consuming tasks, this evolution has come at just the right time for our industry to embrace change. This automation allows us to spend more time adding value to our clients and making a difference in their business.

Cloud accounting provides easy access to your software through an online platform which eliminates the need for installation and constant upgrading of old desktop software. It allows multiple users to be able to access the file at any time with all users having access to the most current file. This reduces human error and time wasting when someone in the office isn’t using the most current file.

Cloud accounting makes life easier and reduces the time that you would have previously spent in front of a computer. Additionally, your financial data is accessible anywhere using the internet, apps and a smart phone. There is no need to spend hours of your week stuck in the office and you can be out building your business in the field with up to date information.

Cloud technology means less hardware, computer maintenance and physical space is needed at your workplace because all information is stored on remote servers. By using cloud storage facilities, like Google Drive, employees are able to be more flexible in their working arrangements making for employees with increased work satisfaction and therefore greater productivity.